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Nanjing Hanfu Hotel

The Nanjing Hanfu Hotel is a typical 7 layer of architectural style. The Nanjing Hanfu Hotel is located in the Yangtze River Road in Nanjing landmark area -- Culture Street, adjacent to Nanjing, the most bustling commercial circle -- Xinjiekou, away from the train station, ten Qinhuai, Hunan Road only 10 minutes by car. After the upgrade of the Nanjing Hanfu Hotel rooms are decorated in warm and elegant, comfortable and spacious, facilities and equipment goods are available in all varieties. The Nanjing Hanfu Hotel has meet the consumption level and comfortable guest rooms over a hundred rooms, room decoration elegant, facilities goods are available in all varieties., provide a comfortable, comfortable private open space for you. Nanjing Hanfu Hotel has all kinds of dining rooms 20, column-free banquet hall 1, can meet the needs of different consumers, in addition, also has 5 equipped with simultaneous interpretation system conference room. In addition, a swimming pool, beauty center, gym, customs bar, leisure tea bar and other places of entertainment, let the guests to relax in the busy work, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful holiday.